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The101 Founder, Jay Louricas

As a serial entrepreneur and brand creator, I love the journey that owning a business takes you on. I created The101 to help make the journey easier for fellow entrepreneurs. I have made the mistakes and paid to much for help, and I don't want you to do the same. The101 is backed by an expert team of entrepreneurs, designers, web developers, and photographers. Together we turn our clients' vision into a reality.


Owner - P.s Real Estate

Erick patterson

Jay is the man! Trust me the money will come back to you ten fold!
Owner - Strategic Capital

John Tastad

Jay keeps an eye on my portfolio of companies and he does a great job! His ad campaigns and websites are amazing, and does all the product photos and videos in-house. Big bang for your buck!
Owner -

Bruce Maus

I hired Jay when all I had was an idea, and he helped turn it into a reality. Jay is a terrific entrepreneur and is a huge asset to any business he is apart of.


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